Wednesday, June 18, 2008

California Devastation

The man-made disaster happening right now in California is getting little attention. If not for advocates and international press, we on the East Coast would never learn how bad the Great Housing Bubble aftershocks have really hit California. Other areas like Arizona and Nevada probably have some of the same images. Over at Mish's Global Economic Forum he put together a compilation called Tent City USA of some of the most heartbreaking and devastating videos. Here are a few of them -

Southern California Shanty Town / Tent City


Homeless Upset Over Tent City Eviction

These videos show the current devastation and fall out from the Housing Bubble. These used to be called "hoover towns and hooverville." Now they are being labeled as "Tent Cities" but probably labeling them "Mozilla villes" or "Greenspan Estates" would be accurate. They are popping up all over California. While the MSM will not put an accurate and accountable label the blogosphere should. That will be the only punishment some of the responsible parties will ever face.

We hear about the record foreclosures but little about what really happens to the people after they leave their homes. Not everyone can have family to live with. Not everyone can have the money or opportunity to go to a rental. Also notice that unlike natural disasters, these victims are treated as criminals. Two hoses for 350 people. Six port-o-potties for 350 people. Third world conditions in the wealthiest (perhaps former wealthiest) country in the world. This is the former Great Housing Bubble now just Housing Rubble.

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Tom said...

Holy crap!

Yesterday I read about a gov't official calling this "Hurricane Greed". I thought they were just trying to get an attention grabbing soundbite.

I'm still in shock over the videos.