Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is the Fast Track the wrong track?

Here is the video of Testimonials from the Fast Track Real Estate Investors Training Program that was featured in the Is this a Real Estate Scam? post. Beware! Watch At Your Own Risk! You will never get those 11 minutes back if you watch the entire video. Best choice is just forward to about minute 9 for an illustration of the video's quality.

No comments on the testimonials, since most of it is inaudible due to the background noise. Listening to the videographer eating in the last few minutes and not turning off the camera after the last testimonial is what really profiles the organization's professionalism. It appears the only directive was to make sure the Fast Track poster is featured throughout the entire video.

Remember, this is the top feature on the testimonial page. This is what they want people to watch. This is how Fast Track wants to impress new recruits and get people to spend $3000 for a 6 day, 15 part course. Hopefully Fast Track is more successful in the real estate investing than producing testimonials.

The participants of such groups probably did very well during the Great Housing Bubble. Just buying and holding a property for a period of time would bring decent returns. The important part was knowing when to sell. But the bubble is deflating and our profiled investors are now defaulting on a large numbers of properties.

Full disclosure - all knowledge about the Fast Track Real Estate Investment Program is discussed in the posts here and here and the adjoining comments. There has never any other contact with the organization through any poster affiliated with this blog.

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Tom said...

Hehe that's good, I'm surprised I missed that when I visited the site when you first posted about them.

By the way, I think the fork and plate noise isn't from the filming but from the editing. There were some noises as the credits were rolling that made me think that. That just makes it worse though.

Found this too. A quote from an article by Tony Reaves about not sounding too professional