Saturday, June 28, 2008

Subprime got you down? Enjoy your Staycation!

Are you sick of spending so much money on airfare or gas? Sick of the over priced rentals long the shore blocks from the beach? Not enough money to go to Florida AND pay your mortgage? Enjoy a luxurious staycation!

There are two schools of thought going into the staycation - one is by choice and other is by force. If you have the mindset of the staycations being a frugal choice - rather than you do not have the money to travel you can enjoy yourself so much more!

A great video about Staycations (called Holistays) from the Daily Show -

Is is sad or funny that the line "Paris will always be there, but judging from the subprime crisis chances are your home won't" received such a huge laugh from the audience?

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