Thursday, November 6, 2008

All Great Things Must Come To An End

And it happened.

Housing Panic has officially closed up shop. We were warned. But now it is reality. There will be a large void in the housing blogsphere. Keith's commentary and views were necessary. He basically helped to start a movement of people realizing that housing growth was based on fraud. Although his voice will not be silenced it will no longer be found on Housing Panic and he will address a variety of topics at his new website, appropriately titled Soot and Ashes: Reinventing American After the Crash.

Here is an exert of his final post -

But now, on the 5th of November, 2008, it's time for HousingPANIC to end. It's time to rebuild. It's time to reform. It's time to arrest the guilty. It's time to root out the corruption. It's time to address our ills. It's time to hope. It's time to renew. It's time to reinvent. It's time to move on.

Thank you to all my fellow bubble bloggers. For most of us this was simply a calling, a passion, a desire to serve our fellow man. A fight against the evil and corrupt. And we have won.

And thank you to the HousingPANIC community. The HP'ers. The brown shirts and the chicken littles and the tin foil hatters. History proved us right, and our detractors wrong. You have won.

I'm going to keep blogging, but on all the issues I find interesting that are confronting America and the world, not just housing. More on the new blog in the next post.

I'll turn off comments here tonight. This body of work will then be complete. I hope future generations, when they're studying this bubble, the biggest financial bubble in human history, enjoy this real-time view of what happened, and how it happened. The HousingPANIC blog will hopefully remain here on this lonely little corner of the internet forever. It should serve as a warning to the folly of man. And it should serve as a beacon of hope. That the little guy stood up and said no more. No more.

Peace out.

It's been an honor.


Of course we will be reading his new site and will definitely link to the must read posts. Of which we are sure will be numerous.

Thank you Keith!


JM said...

I forgot about Keith's blog. I tried to read it but his anger and bitterness were too much for me. The comment threads became shoutfests. My biggest beef with him was his violent attitude towards illegal immigrants that supposedly was not racist in nature... luckily the housing collapse eliminates the need for illegal drywall installers so they can go home.

NJHH said...

Hi JM,

Yes there was anger there - but I always attributed that to the Cassandra cursh.

Over a year ago Keith was predicting numerous bank failings due to bad loans but few listened. It made sense to me but everyone else I talked to thought the economy was too strong and/or the global marketplace was too solid for any major meltdowns.

It is almost scary how much he and Schiff have been right. Their predictions are frightening to listen to, but even more frightening to ignore.