Monday, December 15, 2008

The Warren Report

Recently we posted about what seems to be the lack of a coherent plan on the bailout. The Congressional Oversight Panel (called COP for short) has a new website up The home page also has the following video from Elizabeth Warren with 10 questions the COP will be looking into regarding the bailout. Lets take a look -

All of them are very good questions. The full report with the 10 questions (plus many more sub-questions) are on the website.

Unfortunately we have not been able to read the entire report yet. And with our non-blog obligations today we will not have a chance too. Hopefully we can give our take soon. Though if any reader cares to share opinions we would love to see them.

And make sure to visit once a month for future reports. Any new videos - we will be sure to post.

The final report may easily be one that is read by future generations - some reading it in not believing that it could really have happened, other with shock and repulsion that things got so out of hand. Meanwhile we have to go through this man-made disaster watching our equity disappear, our 401Ks diminish, our homes foreclosed and our futures in disarray. Remember may you live in interesting times is a curse.

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