Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Foreclosure Submission Page Added

Update - We were notified that the pages are not encrypted - a big uh-oh! If this is true then hopefully it is resolved immediately. We have not filled out the form - but the first page is apparently not. What are others finding?

We asked - they answered!!! Well, they were probably working on it anyways but now its up!!!

The NJ Foreclosure Remediation website now has online submissions. That is great. Much more user friendly than giving all that info over the phone. And on the very first page it asks about if the foreclosure process has started on the property. One of our fears was that the agency workers would get bogged down with the folks who like to panic but are not in trouble. Now they can start first with the people who are in trouble.

Here is a view of the new page -

Great! Now we can start the foreclosure triage!

Note added after original posting - If LSNJ is still listening - hopefully they add some system that you can have your pages saved without losing all the data - 8 pages can be a lot to fill out at one sitting - especially if you have to look for paperwork or have children that may interrupt the process. Maybe a start can be just adding a note in the beginning about the info needed for the 8 pages. Getting the documents beforehand will save many of us the trouble of retyping the first page over and over. Those in foreclosure need no more stress. Thanks.

And they also added some resources to their website -

Good Work!

Actually they have already done quite a bit in less than 1 week. Hopefully the first set of numbers will look good - and the 6 month to a year follow up of those initial modifications will still be owner-owned and not bank owned. The current mortgage modifications rates are terrible - all that work just to delay the foreclosures by 6 months. Hopefully whatever system is implemented will beat the current success rate of less than 50%.

Now if you can just extend those hours...

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