Monday, January 12, 2009

NJ Foreclosure Mediation Website

We have visited the NJ Foreclosure Mediation Website. Talk about plain vanilla with not much there, there.

Other than reminding visitors to call the 888 number there is not much there. For some reason you have to call to submit your data - that can not be done online. Lets take a look -

Why even bother publicizing the website? When all the website does is tell you to call the phone number. The should be other options, success stories, perhaps even a page to send general data so they can contact the homeowners in distress.

While the program is better than nothing, hopefully this push is being coordinated with the state's 21 county clerks offices. The people who are filing the lis pendens and foreclosure paperwork could also be the ones notifying people that there is a place to get help, what it has done for others and what can be done to prevent another foreclosure level.

We suggest the state send people to all 21 county clerks office to give them a briefing on this program. Talking to the people at the front lines can help the program as well. On the otherside, reaching out to the lenders about the program would also help. How many more properties do lenders really want to own? Many would like the pre-screening on the modifications done before the paperwork lands on the door. With the right footwork this program could work wonders - it all depends on the implementation!

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