Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bake Sales for Mortgages

We have heard it all now. A bake sale for raising the mortgage money. We are just surprised no one has thought of it first. Or maybe they did and did not know how to generate publicity for it. But we do think that $40 for an apple cake is a bit expensive. Maybe it is just us. But it raised enough for a local Teaneck woman to save her property. In this Associated Press article titled NJ woman's bake sale helps make mortgage payment gives us the details. Let's take a look -

New Jersey woman's bake sale has helped her forestall foreclosure.

Angela Logan raised the $2,559.54 due Sunday under a federal program to help homeowners in financial trouble.

The divorced mother of three sons in Teaneck wanted to sell 100 "mortgage apple cakes" at $40 each. But as of Tuesday, she had more than 500 orders, including one from Hong Kong.


Logan tells The Record of Bergen County she won't stop baking until people stop ordering.

It sounds like she may have next months mortgage payment as well. Now lets see a review of the cakes...

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